Barbara Kletschka, sister of Dr. Harold Kletschka, is available to give talks about the virtuous life of her brother and how he impacted those around him. Her presentations inspire and entertain while helping those attending to benefit from his contributions. Ms. Kletschka is committed to telling her brother's story and remains the steadfast supporter of his mission: to bring the world the first fully implantable artificial heart. Her presentations are an ideal accompaniment at medical, educational, motivational, theological and spiritual events.


To Change the Heart of Man by Dave Racer is the biography of Dr. Harold Kletschka, co-inventor of the revolutionary BioPump blood pump and the inventor of the fully implantable artificial heart. The book chronicles Kletschka's life as an accomplished physician, military officer, legal scholar, business leader, author, and loyal son of the Church. Not only a biography, this book reflects on how our system's barriers to entry led to a profound loss for humanity. Buy A Treatise on Human Life: An Unalienable Right by Dr. Harold Kletschka is a comprehensive and authoritative study of the scientific, legal, moral, and theological perspectives on abortion and why it has no place in America.

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