• Barbara Kletschka

    Barbara G. Kletschka, Chief Manager of Kletschka Publishing and sister of Dr. Harold D. Kletschka, lived many of the events described in To Change the Heart of Man and was more than Harold’s devoted sister and confidant. Barbara was the first person to have her blood pumped using the Bio Pump® at a critical stage in the development of the new life saving device. Her unselfish act of trust and devotion was critical in obtaining FDA approval enabling surgeons to begin saving more lives years sooner. The procedure was the first time in human history that a nonpulsatile centrifugal blood pump operating on a constrained force-vortex pumping principle was used on a human subject (Barbara). The date was July 16 1975. The Bio Pump device has since earned international acclaim and continues to assist surgeons around the world. Ms. Kletschka would go on to assist her brother in countless ways until his death in 2004.

    As Chief Manager of Kletschka Publishing, Ms. Kletschka is committed to telling her brother’s story and remains the steadfast supporter of his mission; to bring the world the first fully implantable artificial heart. Barbara is available for book signings and speaking engagements.

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  • Dave Racer

    Dave has authored nearly thirty books, is heard frequently on radio programs and is a sought after keynote speaker for his entertaining and highly respected expert commentary about health care reform and American government. Dave is been a civics and government teacher and writer. Contact Dave for book signings, media inquiries and speaking engagements.

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