Endorsements for A Treatise on Human Life-An Unalienable Right
by Harold D. Kletschka, M.D.

“The witness of Catholic physicians is essential to the New Evangelization by which the Gospel of Life is lived with new enthusiasm and new energy in a society beset by the culture of death. Dr. Harold D. Kletschka, M.D., was an exemplary witness to the inviolable dignity of innocent human life, not only through his practice of medicine but also through his speaking and writing. His A Treatise on Human Life–an Unalienable Right is a most fitting legacy of his life lived in joyful service of God and neighbor, most especially by safeguarding and fostering all human life without boundary or limit. Through his wr
iting, Dr. Kletschka’s proclamation of the Gospel of Life continues. May his life and his writing inspire many, especially physicians, to be faithful and generous witness to the Gospel of Life of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

  • (Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke, Prefect, Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura

A Treatise on Human Life: An Unalienable Right by Dr. Harold D. Kletschka, M.D. is a useful resource tracing the continuous legal and theological teachings against the crime of abortion.”

  • The Most Rev. Robert J. Carlson, Bishop of Sioux Falls, (as of 2013 Archbishop of Saint Louis)

“Having read Dr. Kletschka’s “A Treatise on Human Life an Unalienable Right” I am awed by his research as well as his reasoning, and ascribe the work as that of a genius, an outstanding scholar and man of the Church.”

  • Rev. Raymond J. Cossette, Priest/Chaplain